Open Communication in Workplace

First, ask yourself… Would you like your employees to feel more encouraged to share their ideas and opinions? We are all familiar with the concept of “walking the talk” which means to follow… Continue reading

Defeat with Fear

We usually feel fear when we get frustrated, when our self-esteem is threatened, or when we feel pressured to perform beyond our perceived capability. Unhealthy fear is debilitating; healthy fear is mobilizing. But… Continue reading

How to Make a Checklist

Are you struggling to keep up with everyday chores? Having a hard time prioritizing? Then it is probably time to start using a checklist. 1- Take a piece of paper and a pen. Write… Continue reading

How to be Proactive

Being proactive means thinking and acting ahead – basically, this means using foresight. It’s a great method for avoiding more work down the road but also can be extremely important for averting disasters,… Continue reading

Save Time By Keeping a Work Checklist

Everyone is busy. That’s why we don’t even have time to sit down to enjoy sipping a cup of coffee. Instead we just order a cup on the go so we can just… Continue reading

How to Write a Status Report

Whether or not your boss asked you for a status report, writing one can be a good opportunity to communicate your accomplishments. Good status reports are a form of personal “public relations”. They can help keep you… Continue reading

How to Keep a Journal for Yourself

Have you ever started keeping a journal – perhaps starting on a particular milestone like your birthday, or January 1st – only to give up after a few days or weeks? Like many projects which we’re… Continue reading