My Wish List

This is my wishlist where I list all the things I want to do, feel, experience, see and achieve before I die 😀

I will continuously update this as I complete current items and come across new ones. Don’t just read my bucket list though – Create your own too:

  1. Have a  wonderful graduate ceremony with my family and friends ( June 23, 2012)
  2. Become a dancer ( July 2008, the Japanese Festival)
  3. I want to become travel writer. On going
  4. Be the speaker in front of 400 people. (December 2010)
  5. Be the speaker in front of 500 people.
  6. Be the speaker in front of 800 people.
  7. Be the speaker in front of 1,000 people.
  8. Have my own blog.   ( May 2011)
  9. dance under the rain with loving people.
  10. visit to Bali Island, Indonesia to see the sunrise( on going August 2013).
  11. Go to  beach with my sister.Kampot (31 Dec 2011-01 Jan 2011)
  12. Go to the wonderful resort and enjoy a holiday with my family.  (21 November 2012 @ Knai Bang Chat Resort )
  13. Win the great award from the writing competition.( the 100 Great writer of World Bank International Writing Competition)
  14. Learn to swim.
  15. Build a great blog to everyone in the world. ( a blog:
  16. Join the big corporate company.
  17. Swim and sleep in the Dead Sea in ISRAEL.
  18. Travel on the flight. (fly with Eva Air and Delta Airway)
  19. Having a party on the boat along the Mekong river ( Aug 2011 )
  20. Gain a big chest muscle. ( Ongoing )
  21. Become the project manager in the company.
  22. Open my own business.
  23. Become the best writer and seller book in the world.
  24. Visit to the American. ( I Am Going to United State !)
  25. Visit to the Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia( 24-26 Jan 2011).
  26. Visit Thailand ( Jan 2011)
  27. Visit Thailand again. Bangkok ( August 3 2015 )
  28. Visit the KL Tower, Malaysia ( Visit KL Tower on 17 Feb 2015 )
  29. Visit The Lion Fish of Singapore. ( 21 Mar 2014 )
  30. Visit the Disneyland, Hong Kong.
  31. Visit the great wall of China.
  32. Release my life’s TRAVEL books.
  33. Have $ 1,000 in my account. (Jan 2012)
  34. Visit  the idyllic island in Cambodia.  ( 1-3 July 2011)
  35. Have a good deep sleep. ( April 2012)
  36. Be good at English speaking. (on going)
  37. Make a happy birthday party for my sister (20 April)
  38. see snow ( Budapest, Hungary )
  39. sing a song to the audience  (10 Mar 2013 tour to Sihanouk Ville )
  40. make friends at least 5 stranger on the street
  41. write an inspiration letter to myself
  42. Go to join in the TedTalk Cambodia ( Sat 12 May 2012 at PUC south Campus)
  43. Be the speaker in the TedTalk Cambodia
  44. Dance with a beautiful girl for boy or with a handsome boy for girl  ( Dance at UConn )
  45. Dance  with my parent
  46. Act in film
  47. Get a complete make over ( Change everything from hair style, hair color, image, and clothes) and get a different look one which you never have thought of trying. On going ” Handsome revolution project  ”
  48. Fall asleep on the grassy plains
  49. Talk at least 10 people about this wish list
  50.  Read the book that inspire me
  51. do something completing crazy and act out of character
  52. organize a picnic
  53. flight a first class, business class, and economic class
  54. have dinner with US Ambassador of US Embassy in Phnom Penh ( 11 Dec 14 )
  55. Have a great dinner with my family. ( Every weekend)
  56. Tell my parent or sibling that you love them
  57. help some in need ( I always help my friends, co-worker, friends, and my parents when they need me)
  58. go skiing
  59. feature in magazine (feature on the commute time hong kong )
  60. Learn Kong Fu, Takwando, Yu Do, or Karate
  61. Fly in the sky
  62. watch a cherry blossom ( in spring )
  63. Fall in love
  64. Go a date
  65. Experience a sunrise ( Experience Sunrise at Koh Rong on 16 May 2014)
  66. Experience a sunset ( Bakheng in Siem Reap )
  67. ride a horse
  68. Resign from a job you do not like ( 18 Jul 2014 )
  69. I want to create a you tube Channel
  70. Learn to tie a tie
  71. I want to talk with parent and sibling for one hour happily
  72. I want to become the CEO of my life: become a strong person, confident, mature, leader and good manager.
  73. I want to have a luxury car
  74. I want to help the world a better place to leave ( join a clean up city of )
  75. I would like to have a million dollar in my account (on going )
  76. I want to be on the media_ CTN21  ( I have on air on Bayon News Televison )
  77. BE a good look guy.  ( Keep doing this habit)
  78. I would like to have an ipad
  79. I want to have a smart phoneiPhone 5 or HTC
  80. I would like to visit Ratanak iri
  81. I would like to visit Mondul kiri ( 16 17 and 18 Nov 2013 with old friends 😀 )
  82. I want to have a healthy, youthful body and strong. ( Archive and keep going )
  83. Join a volunteer job
  84. Have a wonderful party with friends ( Eclipse Sky Bar, Pizza World and tour in Phnom Penh )
  85. Watch the fire fly in the night ( see the fire fly at Kampong Chhnang 04 Jan 2014)
  86. Watch the star rise in the night  
  87. see the meteor and make a wish 😀 ( see it at Kampong Chnang on 04 Jan 2014 )
  88. Watch the eclipse
  89. Join in the red carpet party ( Last year I joined the Anajak Dara at CANADIA  Tower )
  90. Be a popular in the community
  91. Have a wonderful and surprise birthday party with friends for myself
  92. Become an outstanding students. (got award from Cambodian Mekong University from 2007 -2012)
  93. Become a guest speaker
  94. Get an invitation for joining in the international conference ( UN CHAIR Forum in US August 2013)
  95. Get an interview with the domestic radio and international
  96. Have a wonderful dinner with my family in the special restaurant.
  97. Be a tourism representative in Cambodia- an ambassador of tourism in Cambodia.
  98. Visit south Korean.
  99. Travel to 10 countries before 30 years old ( Done )
  100. Visit Universal Studio Orlando to get pass in Harry Potter
  101. Be a billionaire before 30 years old
  102. Live 6 months to 1 year beside my home. 😀 ( On going )
  103.  Visit 10 countries in Asean
  104. Go backpack and travel in Europe
  105. Visit London landmark
  106. Visit United State again
  107. Visit Japan
  108. I wish to go to Paris Tour Effel ( Visit on 07 Feb 2015 )
  109. I want to see Taj Mahal, Agra, India.
  110. I wish to move up in my life.
  111. Visit 25 province of Cambodia
  112. Visit a museum to see dinosaur.

This is not the End.

  1. [update on  16 August 2014]