First Time in Vienna, the City of Music

First Time in Vienna

Every so often I find myself in a city or town that get me attention as much as it inspires me, intrigues me, and as such completely overwhelms me with all of this happening at once. Vienna, one of Austria’s most charming cities that almost relies solely on tourism due to its old world charm, spectacular architecture, connection to the Sound of Music and the world’s most prolific composer is Wolfgang Mozart.

Not only is Vienna the capital of Austria, but it is also the unrivalled cultural hub of all things Austrian: cafe culture, a dedication to the Opera, impressive art collections, and stunning architecture. It is perhaps little surprise that the historic centre of Vienna has been UNESCO World Heritage Listed, given its unique insight into imperialism throughout the various empires. This is my first time in here and follow.

What Language They Speak

The official language of Austria is German, however numerous in the tourism business are likewise familiar with English so it is truly a simple city to visit as a visitor. Maybe the best thought as a guest is to remember a couple German expressions to get you by!

Hello: Hallo / Guten Tag (good day)

Excuse Me, Sorry: Entschuldigung

Thank You: Danke

Bye: tschüß!

What to see 

The Belvedere, Vienna

The Belvedere, Vienna

Top Place Attraction in Vienna.

Imperial Vienna is fascinating and there are so many wonderful displays of architecture to enjoy. Be sure not to miss Stephansdom (St. Stephen’s Cathedral); Kunsthistorisches Museum (Museum of Fine Arts); The Belvedere (home to The Kiss by Gustav Klimt); Hundertwasserhaus(apartment block by Hundertwasser; Schonbrunn Palace; Hofburg Palace; and the Vienna State Opera House.

Stephansdom (St. Stephen’s Cathedral)

Stephansdom (St. Stephen’s Cathedral)

Schonbrunn Palace

Schonbrunn Palace

Hundertwasserhaus(apartment block by Hundertwasser

Hundertwasserhaus(apartment block by Hundertwasser)

Alberlina Gallery

Albertina Gallery

What to Eat & Drink

The common Austrian foods to try are Apple Strudel; Chicken Schnitzel; Frankfurter (sausage); Bosna (sausage with curry and onion – vegan options sometimes available); and Kebaps from Naschmarket.

For drinks, you can escape from cafe in Viennese cafe culture, as it is here where the tradition began and is still very much alive today. the most famous coffee houses include Cafe Central and Cafe Sacher, with many others located in the Inner Stadt. If you’re a wine-lover, Austrian is renowned for its wines so you’ll be spoiled for choice!

You also can find many Asian food around the city.

Travel Around There

Wondering where to go beyond Vienna? Some incredible day trips incorporate St. Pölten; Wiener Neustadt; Eisenstadt and Bratislava (Slovakia – just 55km east of Vienna).

Longer excursions in Austria incorporate Salzburg (The City of Music); Hallstatt; or making a visit for Budapest.

Fact of City’s Name

Vienna is in English,but in German is Wien. This is what I just know when I arrive there. As Austria is a part of the EU, touching base in Vienna from other EU nations is consistent. It is useful to note that the Vienna train stations (there are a couple) begin with their German name “Wien”, which ought to be valuable when hunting down train tickets! In case you’re going by Vienna as a component of a bigger European trip, some extraordinary associations with ICE (High Speed Trains) incorporate Munich, Prague, Budapest, and Zurich.

Good luck and have fun in Vienna, if you plan to visit there like me.