Visit the University Library in Budapest

Travel or stay in Europe is meaningless if you never go to library and take a seat for reading books. Today I take a visit to University Library for preparing my upcoming exam. I choose to go this library which bring me to an ancient time feel.


The University library was founded by Milós Oláh, archbisop of Esztergom in 1561. Finally, it became the library of the university founded by Petér Pázmány in Nagyysombat in 1635.

The  library was move from Buda to Pest in 1784. The library’s new building was build on the basis of the plans of Antal Skalnitzky in 1876. I really in love with the reading hall. It is over 200 square meter large, and what amazing of it is receives natural light through glass roof, on it ceiling there are fescos painted by Károly Lotz. The lirbrary’s collectiong have almost 2 million documents.



This library is locate in downtown area of Budapest at 1053 Budapest, Ferenciek tere 6. It open from 8 am to 8 pm in week days and from 9 pm to 8 pm on Saturday.

I will come to study here every week.