Is Phnom Penh Safe?

Phnom Penh, the main city of Cambodia, is increasing the number of people move from countryside and other countries everyday. My friends ask me” does Phnom Penh safe?” I said, yes, it is safe if you are be careful and stay alert with thief, pick-pocket person, and burglars.

A notice from Samdech Sor Keng, head of ministry of interior, said that there are lots of thiefs in Phnom Penh. It is a big alarm to all nations. 

From my nighbore experience, she put motor In front of her house, and just a second, her motor lost. After 1 week, she set up a camera surveillance in front of her house. Yesterday, someone stole that camera again. How status of security is so poor in Phnom Penh because of increasing number of burglars!

Another stories of my friend, she went to BKK area for meet up with friends. When she leave, someone drive motor and pick her wallet and her smart phone immediately.

Moreover, you can review some news on web and newspaper. There are lots of news about thief, pick-pocket, and burglars.

Now, it is my story. Last week, I went out about one hours. My family stay at home. There is someone went in my home, and bring my laptop with them. Now I lost it.

Base on that, we still need to be careful and stay alert while you are in Phnom Penh. 😔😔