Shop, Eat, Play… and Stay in HONG KONG


Hong Kong can be very exciting and beautiful if you inform yourself on where to go and what to do. Here are some great tips on how to make the most of your stay.
Hong Kong, the Oriental Pearl, is simply amazing! 
it is one of the world’s leading financial, banking and trading centers as a Special Administrative Region of China. Situated on the southeast coast of China, the city occupies an area of 1,104 square kilometers (about 426 square miles).It would be hard to find a more exciting city than Hong Kong.

Hong Kong

Set among beautiful natural surroundings it has all the benefits of a thriving and vibrant commercial center. Here you can find the delights of modern living alongside an abundance of reminders of its historic past. Whether you visit the better known highlights like the stunning Ocean Park, the fantastic viewpoint of Victoria Peak or the beautiful Repulse Bay, Hong Kong is certain to exceed your expectations.The city has a population of about 6,970,000. Most people are Chinese and speak Cantonese and English, although Mandarin is becoming more popular now. Most tourism personnel and taxi drivers can communicate with visitors in English. The most common religions are Buddhism and Christianity.The complete public transport system made up by the MTR, bus, taxi, tram and ferry will easily take you around the whole city.The city is made up of four parts:  Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula, the New Territories and the Outlying Islands. Hong Kong Island is the center of economy, politics, entertainment and shopping. Northern part of the island is the main commercial, shopping and entertainment area; the residential area is located in its east part; and Southern part of the Island is known for its sea shores and bays. Kowloon is another flourishing part of the city. Above all, Causeway Bay, Wan Chai, Tsim Sha Tsui,Yau MaTei andMongKok are the most popular areas. These areas are busy day and night, and visitors can feel secure enjoying the lively nightlife, because Hong Kong is one of the most secure cities in the world. The New Territories and Outlying Islands are ideal places to experience a peaceful and natural Hong Kong.

Where to Stay

chunking mension

chunking mension

There are many wonderful hotels in Hong Kong, but it all depends on how close to the hustle and bustle of the city you want to be. There are boutique hotels as well as big hotel chains, apartments and houses to rent, giving you many options.

Rents in Hong Kong are very high due to the restricted living space. Therefore, rooms are either very expensive or just expensive but very small.

Stay in Budget

There are a lot of hostels in Hong Kong. Most of them are no more than some joining appartments, each divided in several rooms. So if you are on a low budget, prepare yourself to spend most of your time outside of your hostel. For me, the only place to stay,

Sightseeing in Hong Kong

Embark your day with Hong Kong tour and see the marvels of this intense island. Reach new heights on Victoria Peak, ride the Peak Tram, get to know Aberdeen Fishing Village and find a special souvenir at Stanley Market. Allow the experts to lay it all out for you to enjoy!

City Skyline

City Skyline

At Victoria Peak you will be amazed by the spectacular view of the surrounding city skyline. The world-famous Victoria Harbour and Kowloon stretch out before you, and towering skyscrapers coexist in harmonious contrast with peaceful green hillsides. Getting there is half the fun, and the journey to Victoria Peak aboard the Peak Tram is an unforgettable one!

Pulled by steel cables, the tram climbs 373 metres and is so steep that the buildings you pass appear to be leaning at a 45-degree angle.

For a change of pace and a touch of old world charm, we’ll head for the Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter. A tiny town lost in time, you’ll not find another place like this old traditional fishing village anywhere else in the World.

Round off your trip in the twin shoppers’ paradises of Stanley market and a renowned jewellers. At the market, a wide variety of souvenirs such as silk, garments, sportswear, Chinese artwork and accessories await you. Your eyes will pop when they fall upon the seductively sparkling displays at Tse Sui Luen Jewellery. These expert jewellers are known for offering an array of glistening gems from quality cut diamonds to outstanding, originally designed and handcrafted jewellery.

Where to go Shopping

Shopping in Hong Kong is guaranteed to be a great experience as this place is the third biggest diamond trading center in the entire world and also the main export place when it comes to finished jewelry. As a result, the benefits of buying nice jewelry here is substantial. The popularity of Hong Kong jewelry is based mostly on the high purity of the gold and silver but also on the good quality of the finished products. Nathan Road along the Tsim Sha Tui but also Hennessy Road are the places to go to find the finest jewelry.

The best shopping in the city, by far, is what you’ll find on…………

To see the local culture in HK and do more shopping, Nathan Road is a tourist magnet. People of various cultures mix there, and a variety of low end and high end stores line both sides. Start in front of Chung King Mansions on Nathan Road, and walk north. Be careful of pickpockets around there and especially inside Chung King Mansions.

We suggest not shopping inside Chung King, and saving your time and money for Ladies Market. The electronics stores have a reputation for scams. Walking north for a mile, you’ll see:

  • Kowloon Masjid (300 meters north),
  • Kowloon Park (behind the Masjid),
  • St. Andrew’s Church (another 300 meters north),
  • and a lot of malls and stores.

Kowloon Masjid isn’t open to the public, but St. Andrew’s Church is. It has a gothic style and a beautiful interior. It might be a good place to take a rest before going to Ladies Market. You could continue to walk north to Ladies Market. A stroll north while browsing and maybe sampling street food might take an hour. But simply take Bus 6 to Mong Kok Station.

Eating in Hong Kong



Hong Kong is a foodie’s dream, with a variety of restaurants ranging from cheap to very expensive. The true star of the show, though, are dimsum, so be sure to get into as many of these places as possible. While you will find excellent restaurants everywhere you turn, be sure to venture away from main thoroughfares to get away from touristy places that are not going to focus on an authentic dining experience.

The better restaurants will require a reservation, which you can make yourself or ask your travel agent to do so. Here, you will have to book your table the traditional way: by calling.

Eating in Hong Kong is both a pleasant and adventurous experience if you know where to go. There are many small restaurants for example in Kowloon that serve Chinese dishes at reasonably cheap prices, but the quality is often not very good. The best thing to do in Hong Kong is to eat in a sea food restaurant somewhere at the coast (for example in the New Terrotorries, on Hong Kong Island or one of the other Islands). The marine animals should still be alive when you choose them. They will then be freshly prepared and you pay them by their weight. The rice often comes at the end, so if you want it together with the sea food you have to say so.

Be sure to consult the menu or the waiter so that you can make a good choice.

NOW what are you waiting for ! Let’s go Hong Kong.