My Books, My Life, and My Change

I would like to tell you a story.

There is a boy who lives in the medium family in the capital city of Cambodia, Phnom Penh. He grows like other boys. Until one day, he borrowed books from his neighbor, and it started. He really likes to read books. That book was a fable story that brings him to addict with reading. It was time that inspires him to become bookworm who likes reading the most. He continued reading other books like timeless stories- Aesop’s, novels, general knowledge books- the World Books and children magazines. He becomes live in ocean of books until now. One of the quote said a book can change a life of boy. It is true. It teaches him to be a good boy, a good child, a good student, and a good people in the society.  That boy talks above is me. I am the boy who addict with reading books.  I really like the adventure of life from reading the books.

I grow with lots of books, and I want to keep it stay with me. Then I started having an idea for a home library in my room. Since that day that I pop up this idea, I started to save books that I bought it from bookstores and some were from my friends, and teachers. All the time that I read a book, it teaches me a valuable idea, and makes me happy with what I learn from it. I always share those ideas that I learn to other people. That habit helps me to influence my sister and my friends, and make me say all time about what I know from reading and tell them about the impact on my life from reading books and I advise them to read books more like me, too.

My journey brings me a long with books around me, but everything is not the way that I want.  I meet an interesting changes again, a big lesson. When I started to study in college, my parent noted that all the books had stayed anywhere in my home, and every corner had lots of those books and still no place to put it. My mum asked me for donate it or give it someone, and make decision what books are important and what you do not need it. I think I cannot do like that. Those books are really meaning to me and I can’t throw it away. My mum said you put those books for you reading alone until you die. A book is just a book. You need to share those to someone who need it.

One day, I saw announcement on the bulletin board in my school, it announced for asking donate study instruments for children and books for school’s library in the countryside. This publication shown me a big motivation what the children in the countryside need and tell about their less chance of reading because of less books. From this announcement, it reminded me about the past that I borrowed a book from my neighbor and got the opportunity to read. It was those time that gave me a change to be a person who like reading books and teaches me millions  of new things in the world. That time I decide to remove my books that useful for the other children and library. Next day, I bring some books in the donated box in my school.

After two months, the stuff in my school has post the photos of children and teachers that get the books on boards. I am happy although I cannot see children hand my books. It is a good presents for me to see their smile and laugh for getting books for reading and support their study.

Start from that days, I have choose my life to share with other people with what I have and  give them chance to read and travel in the world through the ocean of books is the way to happiness. That time I understand what my mum said that a book is a just book. I have an opportunity to read the books around the world so why not other children should have this chance, too. If I share my book, it is not a book like before, but a book that hand by many children. I still believe that a book can change a life of children become a good people in the society. I hope this story will be big lesson learn to be create the world which is fulfill by a knowledgeable person that like to read and share a book like me.

Right now, it make me today to become a blog writer. I would like to share all of you a time of reading without pay off your time.

Start your action today, do not wait.

Read a book per month if you want to have a change in your life.

Share what you learn to other like your parent, brother and sister, and friends.



If you do not need that book any more, donate your book to local community, library, friends or your sister and brother.

Please remember, a book is just a book. We can increase their value by sharing.

Hope you like my inspiration story. 😀

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