Journey to InterSeliger Youth Forum, Tver,Russia

Global Village

Global Village

Are you searching on Google about Interseliger Youth Forum? You are on the right place.

This year I got invited to join in this youth forum in Tver of Russia. It is a big event for youths around the world. It has more than eight hundred youths to participate in this forum.

I will tell you my journey of joining in this international youth forum.

About the forum

Interseliger Youth Camp Area

Interseliger Youth Camp Area

INTERSELIGER is an international project aimed at uniting the world leaders of tomorrow.

Seliger — is a system of lakes of glacial origin in the Russian Federation. A beautiful Monastery of St. Nil founded is located just 15 minutes away from the camp site.

1000 exceptional individuals from different spheres and backgrounds will come together to “Dare to make the world you want to Live in”

INTERSELIGER is an international educational camp in the middle of the Russian woods in Tver Region, where thousands of responsible, entrepreneurial and daring young leaders from all over the world get together to meet high-profile speakers, generate synergies and gain new experiences by participating in educational, recreational and social activities in a natural setting of the Seliger lake system.

The camp is probably the only place in the world where one can find both wireless Internet and untouched wilderness of the Seliger natural preserve. It is a perfect place for young people from various nations to understand more personal values, talents, strengths and purpose of your life, upgrade your leadership skills, transform yourself and make own conclusions about global changes and challenges around the world. It is the right place for those who dare to live real, live now, live best.

INTERSELIGER offers you a place where one makes lifelong friends and builds strong networks among today’s and future gamechangers of the world.

We don’t want to just talk and state youth’s opinion in different issues on that forum. Our goal is to learn together how to play as a large global worldwide team aimed to create world with no wars, world with developing economy, to build education correctly and to find wise and innovational solutions. The current situation around the world proves that those goals cannot be achieved single handedly. So we can only make them true working as a team, when we know and trust each other. There is no time to come up with new ideas anymore. Now it is time to realize them.

INTERSELIGER 2014 takes place in Russia and that is why we will be glad to give international youth an opportunity to see real modern Russia for themselves and form their own opinion about our country through acquaintances and discussions with real people of different ages, social statuses, positions and spheres.

The main goal of the Forum is to create global community and carry on wise dialog in the future, work in teams, act responsibly and consistently to achieve results in high priority directions of development for the world and Russia itself.

In the new educational program each participant can choose one out of seven different tracks:

  • World Politics and International Relations
  • Economic growth and stable development
  • Science and innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • PR and creative Mass Media
  • Art & Culture

During INTERSELIGER 2014 will also be held a Conference for student organizations leaders and II International congress of young compatriots.

Beside interesting educational program and important meetings with global and Russian gamechangers, some other interesting activities will await for participants. Such as international festival of cultures “Global Village”, “Russia night” as a way to get acquainted with modern and innovational Russia and its rich cultural legacy, sport event “Selimpic Games”, “Open Mic” as a way to share experience and create interesting discussions in open format, Russian language lessons for foreign participants and demonstration of the best Russian films e.t.c.

The First journey…..

First time, I  know this forum by my friends, Kounila Keo, Cambodian Blogger of blue lady…. Base on her journey, it is really a great experience to join this forum. I decide to join in this forum.

I decide to join this forum because it related to my business field that give me a chance to increase my knowledge about business. This is a big objective that I want to archive there.

Do you decide to join this forum like me? If no, please stop reading my article. If yes and really Yes, please continue reading it till the end.

Application Processing

For participating, it needs me to sign up an account on their website. I recommended you it to link it with facebook account or Gmail account because it is easy than sign up with our e-mail address directly. After that, we need to verify it with our email confirmation.

If you done this stage, you pass the first stage. When you looking into that account, there are two parts that I need to fill is my general information, and essay question. To pass this program, you need to read all information and specially objective of this forum.

I really try hard to complete information very carefully. After that, I need to keep calm and waiting the result.

Horrray one day, I got a confirmation for my participation. Do I pass? No, I am not yet. I have to go another stage.

The second stage

I got an email confirmation for my participate this forum, but I am not pass yet. I need to keep move on another stage is travel information. After a few days, I got an email; I received an e-mail to fill my travel information. Be carefully this stage, they will ask you where they can pick up you at Moscow? You need to check with your travel plan. Do you plan to arrive on the day of event or early and when do you plan to go back your country? I plan to go there early, so the pickup place is Park Pobody in Moscow, and it arrive on the date before one event so the pickup place DME Airport and SVO airport. After complete the travel information, I need to wait more a few day for getting one important code for apply visa. It is really need all of participant to stay CALM and patience for this stage. If organization committee will handle this stage to get a code for me with government of Russia, you may like me is waiting and waiting. While this stage, I go to check more information about applying visa on the Russia embassy in Phnom Penh.

Waiting a few days, I got a code for getting visa, and I go to apply it at Russia embassy and it take a few minute and waiting only 3 days then I will get visa.

Hold on, you may think like me, I got a confirmation letter and complete all the stage with visa code in hand. Can I buy a flight ticket? My answer is NO. I don’t buy a flight ticket until I have a visa post on my passport and get a letter of SUPER Confirmation from committee.

I have one week left before event start and I have to arrange a flight ticket. The flight ticket and transportation fee is my own responsible.

I decide to go and do it. Hold on, after you know this process. Do you still want to apply this program? If your answer is yes, keep going on with me. I challenge you to join this forum because this event it is really good experience in my life.

You have a super confirmation letter, VISA for entering Russia 15 days, and flight ticket.

The third stage is what to bring for this long event forum.

You are going to stay in a comfortable hotel and serve 3 meals everyday with a good service. NO, do not imagine like this guy. I go there to join an international youth camp. I stay in the forest near Lake Seliger.

This is an important to bring to seliger recommened from OC.

œ T-shirt (2 pieces)

œ Jacket with long sleeves (2 pieces)

œ Warm sweater (1 piece)

œ Sports suit

œ Windproof and waterproof clothes

œ Underwear

œ Socks (6 pairs)

œ Warm pants

œ Shorts

œ Swimsuit

œ Towel (3 units)

œ Hat from direct sunlight

œ Sneakers and a replacement pair of shoes

œ Slippers

œ Rubbers

œ Russian socket adaptor ( you can buy it in undergrown store near metro station in Moscow )

Don’t forget to take the necessary personal hygiene items, such as sunscreen, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, hairbrush, and, of course, mosquito spray!

It will be very useful in nature.

I recommend you to bring some foods , snacks and souvenirs from your country. Important thing is power bank for your lovely phone. There is a limited energy so it will help your phone.

You need to bring an important thing only for long stay in forest, and only things you need. The less, the better

Time is come and I flight to Moscow for joining Interseliger.

After I arrived Moscow, I and my friends are going to take a taxi to city centre to go to our hostel; I stay for a few days in Moscow. The problem is coming to me with this forum.

I got a confirmation of bus pick up one day before event. My pick up place is in DME airport, but right now, I stayed in Moscow. In my head, what should I do? Should I go to airport to get on the right bus or follow my friend to go there pick up place at Park Pobody? I think, I should pick up on train to go back to get my bus at airport but I pay a lot of money to go back for starting point. This is happen because of me put it at the travel information, that why I recommend all of you be careful to put information in every step of application form.

Finally, I think that all of participant going to the same destination, Tver of Seliger. Why should I pay my day waiting my bus at airport until mid night there alone, so I decide to email to committee to ask for checking bus free place for me to go to camp site. Finally, the OC change my bus to Bus D at Park Pobody. In the evening, I go there with my friends and meet a lot participates around the world at that place.

Bus Pick up at Park Pobody

Bus Pick up at Park Pobody

Some come from Europe, Asia, Africa and other continent. I introduce myself, chit chat with other participate, and share food with other participates ( I do not have anything yet for my dinner time ). I meet some participate from Taiwan and Hong Kong, and they come here without bus number and this is a serious problem. They are really worry about it and they come to ask me what should they do ? I suggest them to ask the volunteer of Seliger forum. They will help you because I and you all go to the same destination. They will help us.

Bus Station at Park Pobody

Bus Pick up at Park Pobody

In my thought, I worry about my status too. I also worry myself that where should I sit for my bus D ? I know because of me change time immediately. I prepare myself for standing 6 hours for traveling from Moscow to Tver.

Luckily, there are 4 seats left for me to choose. I sit near one friends, Omar form Iraq. I do a lot of chit chating along that way and sleep on the bus. We have two stops before getting the destination. In bus, it is really warm but outside it is really cold. I think that night was only 10 degree Celsius and it really cold for on a line waiting for my turn in toilets.

Finally, we arrive the International Seliger Youth Forum camp site in the morning at 7 am. I get up in the morning and I see the beautiful of lakes Seligar in front of my eyes. Oh my god it is really beautiful with the clear blue sky and the sound of bird in the morning.

Life at InterSeliger Youth Forum Camp Site BEGIN

Interseliger Check Point

Interseliger Check Point

I get off the bus and pick up my luggage. There are a lot of buses arrive at that time one by one. A lots of people around the world come here at the same place. I walk to get on the line infront of a big white checking point gate. There are 2 checking points: one for Russian citizen and one for international citizen. While I am waiting pointing at international citizen, I stand in a line with a group of indonesia girls, I meet Faiga, Rage and other girls. At the checking point, the security check my luggage and they not allow to bring knife or scissor into the camp site. The girls do not happy when security check their luggage every part one by one. In my mind, what a shame ? my personal staff and specially my underwear. What do you think in mind ? For the security, they must do it for our security. Thanks to security and volunteer for checking 800 participates. Next, I go to check my participate status and issue a participate card with passport.

Check point

Check point

Finally, I got a participate card and I need to show volunteer my card and get a group number. Guess what ? I got a group 143 and who I will meet and stay in that camp site?

Here it is a basic rules of stay at the Forum

Participants are required to: Participants are prohibited to:
On permanent basis wear a badge issued by the OC of the Forum; Bring, store or use narcotic substances or any alcoholic drinks (including beer);
Be mutually polite and disciplined and avoid using coarse language; Smoke outside designated area;
Be active and take part in a mandatory activities such as morning and evening exercises, educational program, e.t.c; Use open flames in tents, campfires use devices with open fire outside the territory without the permission of the OC of the Forum;
Observe the rules of personal cleanliness, keep the camp area clean; leave the territory of the Forum without instructor;
Be careful. Removal and installation of boilers should be arrange when wearing work gloves . Swim outside designated area, swim at night time from 21.00 p.m. till 8.00 a.m.;
Relieve your physical needs in dedicated areas. At night time from 1.00 a.m. till 8.00 a.m. are prohibited to go throughout the territory Forum, talk loudly, sing, play guitar, and make other kind of noises. At the specified time, all participants must stay in tents.

Do you know how it was look like for life in camp? This is what I experience:

Life in Camp

  • You will live in a tent camp in the forest by groups of 20 people.
  • All the international participants will be provided by sleeping bags and mats, Russian participants need to take their own.
  • After educational program and other mandatory activities you will have free time – and you will be able to do any activities what you like to – play guitar, relax in a tent, chatting with new friends from all over the world.
  • We organize special culture and fun events every evening. You don’t get bored with us.
  • You will be provided with meal (3 times in a day) and fresh water.
  • We have a wireless internet cover all over the territory. In case you need stable access to the internet it’s better to buy sim-card with 3G connection when you will arrive in Moscow.
  • The camp has an electricity to charge your phones and tablets. Access to the electricity is very limited.
  • Camp security will provide your safety.
Special notice- Time for exercise session is 7:00 – 7:30 AM- Meal ( Breakfast 7:30 AM – 8:30 AM Lunch 12:00PM – 01:30 PM Dinner 7:30 PM-8:30 PM )- Take a shower ( Morning 7:30 AM-8:30  AM, Evening 7:30 PM-8:30 PM, Night 9:30 PM- 10:30 PM )- Swimming at beach ( Evening : 7:30 PM – 8:30PM )
The Camp Site

The Camp Site

This is agenda of the whole week at interseliger forum.

Interseliger Agenda

Interseliger Agenda

The whole educational program is divided into 3 main blocks: World, Leadership and Russia.


This block deals with global challenges of our world. But it doesn’t mean only talks on controversial and important issues. We are sure to do our best and find real solutions to make our world a better place to live in. Also you will meet lots of famous Gamechangers – people who turn dreams into reality and already change the world to the best today. You will have a chance to listen to their inspiring stories and ask them all possible questions.

The vision of “Global community initiatives” session is about – think global, act local. You will learn about the real examples of effective international collaboration and understand the value of different activities and programmes as well as the importance of cross-sector cooperation (business relations, GR, NGO etc.). 


the Ernst &Young LLC, Executive Director, Head of UK Business Centre Mr. Stuart Lawson

the Ernst &Young LLC, Executive Director, Head of UK Business Centre Mr. Stuart Lawson

This educational cluster consists of 8 functional tracks with interesting lectures and master classes given by competent experts. Choose the field you really keen on and learn more about how it works in Russia and in the rest of the World. Use this opportunity to discuss trends, problems and solutions with people of similar interests. The “leadership” block consists of theoretical and practical parts. 

Also, leadership block is devoted to networking. The sessions in this block is aimed to help you and to extend your professional network for future business collaboration. So you will definitely find interesting people to talk with! 


What do you know about Russia? Sessions in this block are to help you to learn more about the host of INTERSELIGER 2014. It’s time to break myths and stereotypes about Russia! We will have the panel discussion session and together with Russian public opinion leaders, representatives of business, media and culture will open to ourselves the new facets of our country.

My Keynote:

A Keynote of the Best Way for a Big Business to Survive

This is a highlight of my activity at Interseliger


This is a great program for youth around the world. For joining in this program, it make me feel I am the citizen of the world and live in one village with lots of people with different countries. This is a life experience. You will know what life is when you join this program.

I am really thanks for organization committee for their hard work to make this program happening, volunteer, my team leader (Marina and Nina ) for their hard work and take care all of member 143 all times, and my group for helping me when bring food ( OMAR) and all of people who help me all the way to archieve this forum.

Future Plan

For my reader, if you plan to join this InterSeliger Youthforum, the Appication start on the end of March 2015.

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