A Keynote of the Best Way for a Big Business to Survive

the Ernst &Young LLC, Executive Director, Head of UK Business Centre Mr. Stuart Lawson

the Ernst &Young LLC, Executive Director, Head of UK Business Centre Mr. Stuart Lawson

I had join The Interseliger Youth Forum this year to gain more knowledge about the entrepreneur life. This is one of interesting lecture time that I like the most.

July, 29 the Ernst &Young LLC, Executive Director, Head of UK Business Centre gave a lecture about key moments in risk management while running a business. His researches gave inspiration and practical advices for people all around the world.

Working in a bank system for many years he advised highlighted that the best way for a big business to survive is to keep in mind several things, such as:

–    Keep checking yourself – are you in value or not, because all companies value specialists by only what they can add to firm’s value;

–    Sometimes you can fail a bit to rise much more after, but you should manage how low you can fall down to have a chance for coming back;

–    You should believe people you are working with, so choose the best you can find;

–    Don’t make work with your friends. When you try to be a friend with your boss it ends in tears;

–    To control what people do you should control the environment;

–    Motivation is a second important thing after control;

–    Be patient, don’t be in hurry as usually young people do when you need to make a decision;

–    Listen first, talk second. If you listen to people, you have an opportunity to learn;

–    Have strong opinion only when you have enough experience to argue your point of view;

–    Advertising is just a part of marketing;

–    Sometimes the conversations in business are uncomfortable, but it is better to have a bad conversation then a long term problems;

–    Working in different countries, you should understand culture, but don’t change your management style.

When the young interseligerians asked Lawson about his ways to fight the stress, he said: “I am a stress giver, not a stress receiver”.

We surely believe that the lecture gave to the young people a lot of knowledges not only for business, but for life. It was really a breathtaking and mind opening speech.

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