TOP Inspiration Short Film that Change My Life


One Take at Time Square NYC

I just found these awesome video on youtube. It all remind what I want to do in my life, and  inspire me.  This video let me come to step up and challenge all my fear and do what I want to do to change my life.  Let watch it one by one.

1 -Grounded

Mark dreams of traveling the world, but somehow life always gets in the way. It isn’t until an unexpected old friend enters his life that he is reminded of his desire to travel the world and challenged to take a leap of faith.

Please remember: The more you wait, the more you miss.

Watch now:


2- One

This life holds infinite possibilities. A street performer in one life. An international megastar in another. Which will you choose?

Make sure you choose to live in what you want.


3-  What’s Inside

Sometimes we need a bit of luck in our lives. “What’s Inside” is a story about Jimmy who’s life changes radically after his grandmother gives him a Lucky Bag for Lunar New Year. Finally he gains the courage to ask Katie to the Winter Formal and he learns far more in the process.


This is just a short film, but it reminds me a lot what I missed in my life. The one who can fill the missing thing is my life is me, so I need to take action to change and get a better life. If you are the same situation, start and take action now.

If you have any good videos, please give me a comment of your favorite video link below. What do you think after watching this short film?please  give your comment to share with other readers .

Happy Watching, and happy life.

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