5 ways to speak English Well

Popular one in life

Popular one in life

For studying in the university, English is my problem for me to communicate. I cannot communicate well and nothing to say to my friends when they talk to me, but since that I try to overcome it. After three months I have become a person who can communicate well in English. I had find many ways to improve my English. This is my tips that I use in my study time.

1- Talk to yourself.

When you walk down the street, and  pay attention to the thing around you. What do the building look life? Is there a lot of traffic? How is the weather? Is this a typical day and scene in your city? In your mind, describe the scene to someone in English. Imagine a person who never visit your city, and describe the scene to that person. You can do the same thing at school, at work, or anywhere you go. Imagine describing the scene to a person from another country. Explain the customs of people in your country: how they dress, act, and talk in the different situation that describe. Ask questions about everything and everyone you see. How did it get here? Why is it here? What will happen to it?

2- Make a conversation with yourself and friends.

To speak English well, you have to start speaking and hear your sound. You perhaps worry about the other things you are crazy when you speak English alone, but I encourage you to think about the outcome and imagine that you can speak English well. If you still cannot overcome that feel. Find your friend and tell them that you want to improve English speaking and you want to speak English with them. Help yourself and your friends to improve English speaking. Win and Win. 3- Make your daily plan. When you wake up in the morning, do you talk to yourself about your plans for the day? Do this in English. If you decide your clothes to wear, what to have in breakfast, if you will walk or take the bus, think about decision in English. If you make a shopping list or a reading or a list of chores, you can do in English, too. Think about your job. Imagine you are at a job interview. Talk about your educational and work back ground. What kind of training and experience do you have? What can you do well? How do you see YOUR FUTURE? In your mind, try to sell yourself to a future employer by talking about your strengths and good guality.

4- Explain your interesting hobby.

Choose a hobby or free time interest that you have. Imagine that you are teaching another person how to do it. Explain everything step by step. Describe any equipment or tools that are needed. Then another hobby and do it again. Read books, watch movie, and TV. Think about book, film, or TV show that you really happy. In your mind, tell another person what it is about and why like it. Thinks about a book, film, or TV show that you dislike. Explain why you don’t it. Read the news. When you read the newspaper or watch the news on TV, think about it in English. How could you explain it to another person in English? How could you explain your own opinions or feeling about particular new events? Most TV that I select to watch news is CNN, BBC, and the best business news is CHANNEL New Asia, and Bloomberg.

5- Make books of sentence.

When I start to speak English, I make a book that I note all good sentences that is useful and I need to use it when I have time. You start to use it.

+ Please say that again.

+ I am sorry. I do not understand.

+ Please speak more slowly.

+How do you say _______________ in English?

+ What does _________________ mean?

+ I don’t know.

+ May I ask a question?

+ How do you spell _______________ ?

+ Can you help me?

After you read this, do you think you can speak well?  My answer is NO! What you need is ACTION. You want to speak English well, talk it todayand everyday. Practice, Practice, make it PERFECT.

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