How to Get Rid of Acne [ For Man]



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Acne is  a big problem and attacked many people both men and women, but do not worry there are many tips to get rid of acne for men. Acne is most common in men because men have more oily skin than women. Although acne is not a deadly disease, but acne can make us stress about it, too.

Stress, poor eating habits, lack of sleep can trigger acne, though the real cause of acne is due to the oil glands produce sebum in large numbers, especially during puberty. But because many are still experiencing acne after passing childhood to be adult.

Tips To Get Rid of Acne In Men That You Can Do at Home

1. Cleaning your face regularly
Oily skin is one of the causes of acne. So it is very important to wash your face with soap. Cleaning the skin to eliminate dead skin cells and skin peeling. Clean your face at least twice a day and do likewise flaking. Since exfoliation can make your skin look dry, do the scrubbing once or twice a week using a special exfoliator for acne prone skin.
2. Shaving techniques
Men who have acne should be very careful when shaving. Shaving is one of the causes behind the acne problem in men. Always use a sharp knife while shaving. Do not do too much pressure on the area with acne because it will aggravate your acne.
3. Ice cube
This is one of the effective home remedies for men to get rid of acne problems. Rub ice cubes on acne. You can also apply a paste made from lemon juice and sandalwood powder on acne. Once dry, rub it with ice cubes.
4. Massage with lemon
Lemon is a substance that can soothe acne. Both men and women can all use this to solve the problem of acne. Lemon is a very effective beauty ingredients that heal naturally. Rub lemon slices on acne prone skin. Do this twice a day and rinse with cold water. Lemon not only help get rid of acne, but also exfoliates the skin, removing acne scars and also cleanse the skin. Lemon can also dry out your skin, so you should moisturize the skin after using a lemon.

Medications Commonly Used To Get rid of Acne in Men

Here are the products that can be used for the treatment of acne:
• Benzoyl peroxide: It can kill bacteria in the follicles and cause acne.
• Salicylic Acid: Can open clogged pores, albeit a temporary cure, but used routinely.
When the two products above are not also able to cope with acne, your dermatologist may also provide other treatments, such as:
• Antibiotics: Doctors may prescribe antibiotics orally (drunk) or applied to the skin to control bacteria
• Derivatives of vitamin A: Also known as retinoids, can help open clogged pores and keep the pores remain clogged
• Treatment to relieve inflammation: Also known as corticosteroids, can be injected directly into the inflamed spot (great acne bumps) to prevent acne scar.
In addition, there are also some supplements that are used to help treat acne. But keep in mind that, to consume these supplements really should be considered the rules of use, because there are some supplements that may cause other side effects to the body. For example, taking large amounts of zinc supplements for acne, can cause anemia, reduced white blood cell count and making the body vulnerable to infection. Then, consuming too much vitamin A derivatives such as isotretinoin can cause liver toxicity and hair loss.
Need Attention
If you want to consume drugs or supplements as above to get rid of acne, it is better to consult a doctor first. The easiest steps to prevent acne is to perform regular skin care and always keep the skin clean.

Something that you should think more about the outside environment

Watch What You Eat

Things you enjoy eating may be behind your skin problems such as redness, pimples and acne. Our diet reflects heavily on the way we look and on our health. So, get your vitamins through healthy food like fruits, vegetables, whole grains… Drink lots of water, and stay hydrated. Also, here’s something you probably didn’t know, that’s going to help you a lot – garlic is a magical remedy for acne problems. It cleans our blood and cleans our skin if consumed on regular basis.

Surround Yourself with Clean

That means clean sheets, clean pillow case clean couch pillows, clean towels, basically clean everything, or at least everything that you’ll be putting near or on your face. Although this should go without saying, many people who have acne problems don’t realize that everything can have an effect on the condition.

So if it’s possible do try and have clean surroundings at all times. You should have non-alcoholic face wipes on you when you go out, and use them whenever you need to. And also wash your face as much as you can with frisk water with no products. Every product you use on your skin should be made with all natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera which is extremely good for your skin.

Chill Out

Stress is actually one of the main causes for adult acne so this is definitely something you should look more into. Can you recognize the things that are making you stressed? Can you be rational and try and deal with them in a more calm manner? Can you try and avoid these things? These are all questions you need to answer in order to get the stress issue under control and with it the acne issue too!

Set time to  take care about your face

Your face is the first expression when somebody meet you. Although you know the best tip for take care your face. Think about it and make a schedule to clean your face and take care it. I will write about update about my face this below.

If you have any tip for take care your face. Please let me know in below comment box. 😀

Update Report:

A video that I find it on youtube that it give us more knowledge about ance.

Today (26 Jan 2014 ), I will try the best as I can to not use my hand to touch my face. 🙂

on date 28 Jan 2014, I have visited to the dermatology clinic that is near my workplace. I got a deep clean on my face.

Date 31 Jan 2014, it seem everything is going well. I clean up my face, and I use foam and day cream to apply on my face. 😀

Date 05 Feb 2014, it is really make me stress about my acne, it is increase everyday on my face. I will try a face mask to help remove some acne. 😦

Date 11 Fac 2014, I have invested in face mask on my face and it is really good for my face. It give me a good result.

Date 12 Feb 2014, I use # 3 ice cube to apply my acne and scar. It is really improving and the result is I do not have much acne on my face like before.

Date 16 Feb 2014: I noted that I always use my finger to touch my face on those acne. Start from today, I will not touch my face any more.

Date 18 Feb 2014: I get a toner from Sofia InStyle and it is good for my face.

Toner - Acne Stress Control

Toner – Acne Stress Control

Date: 28 Feb 2014, it is the appointment date that I will go to dermatology clinic again to remove and deep clean on my face. Save the date. 😀

Date 30 Apr 2014 Finaly, I got success with fighting with acne. Next step is scar on my face. 😀

Date: 30 Sep 2014 I find a new method to fight with acne. Get steam for 1 time per week, it ( Steam Room ) helps decrease oil from your face and remove acne 100% from your face.