My Life Run through Rejection

Rejection Feeling

Rejection Feeling

Life move up and down like a roller coaster. Many this week I run into a bad nightmare. I run into feeling got rejected from someone I love and respect, and I run into stress to much in this week. [Leny]

Being rejected can be very painful and especially if it comes from someone that you care about. Regarding of the feeling at the moment, the message you get is that the person no longer cares for you. He or she does not want to be with you.

Rejection is a negative experience. Nobody likes the way it makes them feel, The first thought that go through my mind is WHY. Did I do something wrong? Am I a bad person? Why does not this person like me anymore?

That feeling in many different ways. Sometime I think that what wrong that happened to me.

Sometime in work life, I got people yell at me and criticize me all what is my weakness point and about the good thing is not rise up. I ask myself what wrong with me ? What did I do wrong? What did I do to deserve this problem? Besides I heard that they called me somebody, someone or mr Nobody?  My name is called when they need me to do something for them. For enjoyment time, party or visit some good place, there is only common person who is called to join and have a happy time.

I am not care about that consequence, but it happens again and again.

Rejection have a definite like something negative- discard, In the business world. Work may be reject because it does not meet the need standard of the company.

Some stuff try to do a lot of thing to show up their ability to their boss that he or she can do it. He try to move up. The result is if we do the thing right is acceptable and there is no encouragement, but when the bad thing happens, this is the big mistake that you must responsible for that event alone.

Some time, we try to show up for getting opportunity to walk in and join a table of making decision. That person may be still seat on his table and waiting a task from his supervisor. Sometime, I keep positive that does not mean that everything is wrong with me. It is only mean that I think positive perhaps it is not related to me that why I am not invite to join. Finally, who the one that do it and try to achieve is me. I start to ask myself am I not important ? That is not mean that everything is wrong with me, I believe that I do not meet the standard that set by someone or the company. Many people have been fired, and then become the president of the other company. Many people in history have been rejected at some time in their live and later to doing something great.

Walt Disney was fired by newspaper editors because he did not have any idea

Thomas Edison’s teacher said he was to stupitd to learn anything.

RH Macy failed seven times before his New York store was a success.

The researchers suggest that rejection motivates people to search out opportunities to be accepted again, thus finely honing our ability and willingness to recognize such opportunities — which an authentic smile represents.

What is the lesson learn from that Feeling

If these people had let the rejection they received beat them, They never have meet a success.To handle the feeling of rejection, it is serious and a big heart broken,You have to take time write all your felling about it.

Second way to handle with those rejectation in my life I start to use a self talk:

“That person may believe what he or she says is true, but I know it is not. I may not be able to change what he or she thinks, but I know that I haven’t done anything wrong. If that person doesn’t choose to be my friends there is nothing that I can do. It hurts, but I know there is nothing wrong with me.”

Make a list of some times when you have been rejected, Write down how you felt at the time. Did you feel hurt? Do you feel beaten? Did you fell like a complete failure?

Here there headings on your list:

1-    Why you felt rejected?

2-    How that made you feel

3-    What self-talk you could have used to help handle your feeling.

Rejection is just a small thing, and if you can handle it, your life will be upgrade more and be a new person that everyone never reject you again. Be Yourself!

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