I and 70 youths attended at UNESCO Leadership Forum [Video Inside]


UNESCO Forum 2013

I and other 70 students from around the world selected to attend UNESCO’s ninth annual “International Leadership Training Programme: A Global Intergenerational Forum,” which held from Friday, Aug. 8 to Sunday, Aug. 19 in Storrs, Conn., at the University of Connecticut.

The “Global Intergenarational Forum Celebrating 60 years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights” gathered participants from the ages of 18 to 30 to discuss their experiences in working for improved human rights.

I and the other students attending the workshop were selected from more than 600 applicants from 90 countries and six continents. Students were chosen to attend the forum for their commitment to human rights and international service.

According to the program website, participants receive training in areas such as grassroots organizing, building coalitions, effective communication, use of media for human rights education, and understanding of the processes and relevance of restorative justice.

Discussions conducted under four principal areas; namely poverty, education, health, conflict resolution and/or transformation.

Specific areas of focus include issues such as human trafficking, the plight of children, refugees and war, hunger, HIV/AIDS, religious intolerance, gender discrimination, racism and classism, peace education and environmental concerns.

This is our prodution for response our activity in human right with this below video:


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