I Am Going to United State !

The liberty

The liberty

Ok, I’ve been keeping this under wraps for a while as I wanted to wait till everything is confirmed before I announce anything.

I am going to joining International Leadership Training in University of Connecticut, Storrs, Connectingcut, United State from 8 August until 18 August 2013.

The truth is, I’ve always wanted to experience life overseas for an extended period of time, ever since I was a student, to experience life in a different country and immerse in the local culture. When I was in university, I planned to go overseas for exchange, but I need to try to find that opportunity , but I can not find it.

This is my first time to join international study and an exchange program.

So that’s it – hello to USA , and bye to Cambodia for now! I’m not sure if there are any readers in US – if you are, please come and say hello on Facebook. Feel free to share any tips on staying in USA – I’m all ears.

Will I be blogging about the trip? It depends. If there are any personal growth lessons I pick up along the way, I’ll surely be writing about them. I don’t think I’ll be explicitly writing about the trip, though I certainly will share an experience or two, where relevant.

I have prepare some flight and hotel booking with IRG Dream| http://www.dream.myirg.com – one the best site with good price for hotel in US.