Preparation for SSEAYP exam: The Last Chance for Me

Update 29 April 2014: A new year begin, a new application begin. Please prepare ready for your essay in SSEAYP exam below that they ask every year.

UPDATE 11 June 2013: The result is fail. I really sad for about that result with other more than 600 Cambodian youths who got the result like me. For somebody who have a brother or sister who work in the department or is a Cambodian youth participate previous year perhaps they will pass this year. I am not lucky for this program and I perhaps say goodbye forever. Goodbye SSEAYP forever.

UPDATE : I have take a test already at Wat Koh High School. I do not know what the result will going on the next week. For SSEAYP Cambodia, lots of student try very hard to get the qualify but most of outstanding student still fail. What going on the result will post at the Department of youth and  education.

Update  30 Jun 2013: Thanks for all youth in ASEAN that read my blog and share your idea and activity in PY selection in your country. I really appreciate with your sharing comment. Thanks

Tomorrow is the exam day of 40th SSEAYP = The Ship of South East Asian Youth Program. I am one of the candidate too. This is my last time try to take this exam. Why? I take many time but the result is fail.  There is still a HOPE that I deserve it this year. I need to do lots of thing like other candidate to win this first stage: exam. Because I take exam many time for this program, I know what is going on this exam.

Apsara Dancing

Khmer Dancing Credit: Singapore SSEAYP

What is in writing exam for SSEAYP in Cambodia?

here we list some of the main points that used to appear on the exam.
– Cambodia (All sectors: government, development, religion, education, youth..)
– ASEAN and ASEAN-Japan Relations
– SSEAYP program
– Teamwork and Leadership Skills
– General knowledge of the world
– English (IELTS or TOEFL)

Writing Essay in SSEAYP Exam. Be Prepared.

Why do you want to participate in this SSEAYP? What knowledge and expertise would you like to acquire participating in this program?

`           I want to participate in this program because I want to improve knowledge, make friends, and be a part of change. First, I want to gain more knowledge. I would like share ideas with other member in this forum, and learn from other group presentations. Next, I want to make a new friend and create a strong networking among peers. I want to meet and talk with other to get to know each other. Finally, I want to involve in a part of possible solution. That can reach an agreement with the best solution. I want to be part of change the world to be better place that everybody wants to create it.

From participate this program; I would like to acquire more knowledge about leadership, enterprise and innovation idea. First, I really want to gain leadership skill from this program. I want to know how to work as a team to achieve the same goal, how to show idea in team and be a good leader. Second, I would like learn about the enterprise and innovation idea. I really want to know business idea of other youths that use in their own community, how they implement that idea and how to make a business that they have to archive profit and pot the value to society at the same time. Third, I want to gain public relation skill. Public relation is so important and it is wonderful if I learn how to have a good communication with customer and build the partner in business from this forum. From my participation, I will contribute all my ability to make this will be a meaningful program of the year and make a big memory in my life.

What to remember:

Please share among your friends who are taking the written exam for the 40th Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program tomorrow:
1. Please go to check your name and room number today or early tomorrow.
2. Please arrive at Wat Koh High School before 7:00am
3. Please bring along the identification paper given to you when you submit your application
4. Please dress properly (Uniform is encouraged)
5. NO MOBILE PHONE or ELECTRONIC DEVICES are allowed in the exam room.

Final note

I will try my best for this with you all and I hope no one can cheat in that exam. I believe that everyone who participate will be do the best for this program.I still  believe one day I and other will make it come true in my life.

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