Please Report Your Progress in Here: A Wake Up Early Challenge



Thank you for all participate in this challenge. I would like to ask all participate by make a simple report for me and another challenger. Please let me know:

  1. What time do you wake up?
  2. What is your feeling when you wake up that time?

This is my report:

Day 1: 6:05 AM. I feeling so fresh.

Day 2: 7: 50 AM. I got a problem with my ear tongiht that let me wake up so late. I will not late again in the next day. I think I should let my mother or sister know this and wake up me. :-D.

Day 3: 6: 30 AM

Day 4:7:00 AM

Day 5: 7:00 AM

Day 6: 6:00 AM

Day 7: 6:00 AM

What about all of you? Please share your report in this below comment and share it with your network like facebook and twitter, too.