My Review Year in 2011- 2012 the Life of Setting Goal

End of 2011 Review

I’m excited, guys.

I’m excited because 2012 is coming, and it’s less than 24 hours before that becomes reality (it’s Dec 31 as I’m writing this). I’m excited because I’m happier than I’ve ever been, and I can’t imagine what’s going to come next. I’m excited because I feel like my life has just started, and I’m discovering something new about myself and what it means to live my richest life every day. I’m excited because I’ve big hopes and dreams for 2012, and I can’t wait to see them unfold in the new year.

Because so many things have happened in my life this year, I’m going to do a quick recap by way of a timeline first. This will be followed by a list of 2011 accomplishments I’m most proud of. After which I’ll share my top lessons learned this year, before I end off with my plans for the big year of 2012 ahead.

2011 in a Nutshell

If you’ve been following my blog and Facebook closely, the stuff below wouldn’t be news to you. Here is a summary of what I’ve been up to this year:

This is my review in time line that I get accomplish in this year.


Jan 2011

Join the Executive Member-Treasurer in Toastmaster Club.

26 – 5 Jan 2011 join the exchange program- International Youth Forum- Thailand.


Febulary 2011

Move up my relationship.
May 2011

Start the blog

 July 2011

Visit Sihanouk Ville for the first time with coworker.

September 2011

Visit Kulen Muntain- A really fresh in my life to visit the mountain first time in my life.

Visit Battambang Province for the co worker wedding.

October 2011

Complete the study in Tourism Major- a wonderful time for me to complete and pass all the subject in exam.

Oct – Dec 2011

Join the gym and be healthy three months.

Dec 2011

Join a new year eve with friends at Koh Tonsay and  visit Bokor Mountain.

Reflections / Learnings of 2011

My Lesson Learned in this 2012

Stop Over thinking– I think this the best one thing I learn from myself. I always think before I do something, but I never

Work hard– Work hard make dark become light.

Be organise-  Become a person who is organize make my life is easy and productive in my life.

Key Things I Learned in 2011

I learn new things every day, and if I were to list down all my learnings in 2010 the post will never end. Below are 10 learnings I’d like to share with you:

  1. I learned that I love what I do (on a whole new level)
  2. I learned the importance of just focusing on the 1 goal that matters and doing it full force. At this moment, my #1 goal is to develop PE. Everything else is important but secondary to this goal.
  3. I learned I love all of u and I want all of u to be in my life. So moving forward, I want to increase contact with you, to help all of you build better lives. This I aim to accomplish through new initiatives at the blog. More later.
  4. The world is more beautiful than I can ever imagine
  5. Everything in our reality represents something inside us. So if we ever see something we don’t like, it’s a cue to look inside ourselves and fix that.
  6. Life is what we make it out to be.
  7. Limits in life are ourselves. Always have been, always will be.
  8. Expect nothing from others, because they don’t owe us anything.
  9. As much as there can be things that bother us, it’s also our choice to be bothered by them or not.
  10. Go for the ideal and you’ll get there.

My Life Plan- In This 2012

In 2011, I used my life with intuition by doing what I like and not complete to live full of my life. I challenge my life to do something but I do not get something done.

Moving forward in Feb 2012, I will cultivate my life path by setting goal to archieved in my life as much as possible.

 My Top Ten Goals in 2012.

  • 1-      Be confident

    2-      Be focus

    3-      Be good at English.

    4-      Handsome revolution

    5-      Have a good healthy

    6-      Complete my graduate – Tourism and Business English Major

    7-      TV Free

    8-      Win Scholarship

    9-      Visit Angkor Wat with my family

    10-   Work hard and be promoted in my career. 

2012 Vision Moving Forward

Moving forward now, I want the life improvement blog to be the #1 place for all of us who want to grow and achieve excellence in life. I don’t want this to just be a blog/site where I write entries and people just read. There are many blogs out there that do this fine and it’s great for them, but I want this blog  to be more than that. I want this to be our home, where we grow together. This isn’t about me; this is about you and all of us here. This is going to be the place where we face all of life’s obstacles together, walk together in our life’s journey and create our best life ahead. This is going to be the place where we meet other like-minded individuals passionate about growth and grow hand-in-hand with one another. This is where we become our best selves and live our best lives, ever:dance:

In line with that, I’ll be launching more site-wide activities starting next month, where all of us can engage and grow together. Where the first 2 years of this blog has been about building the foundation, now moving onward I’ll be working with everyone to apply what we’ve learned into our life. We’re going to explode together as a community! I’m planning a new challenge for January, which I’m bursting to tell all of you, but I’m keeping it under wraps for the moment. I’ll be announcing it at the blog in a couple of days’ time, so stay tuned!

As we move forward, my 2 key objectives which have always been with me since I started this journey will remain to be the same: (1) To give maximum value to others (2) To help others achieve their highest potential and live their best lives.

Thank you for being here with me and I love all of you! I look forward to a fantastic 2011 ahead for all of us!! :D:dance: