First Step to Make Change Become Reality

First Step to Make Change Become Reality














From year to year, I really want to improve myself-Make a Change. I want to live a better life- change my appearance, success in my public speaking, and want to win a scholarship to the international country. I had thought about it and do everything to get it.  Follow all of my experience with many goal in life, I can conclude that there are six questions that I should ask myself to get my dream come true in my life. These six questions  that brings me more change in my life.

 The are two ways to live in your life: one is nothing is a miracle, and the other one is everything is a miracle” Anstein.

Q: How can I turn a dream into a reality?

1. Turn your dream into a reality by putting into words EXACTLY what you want to achieve. Focus on specifics and come up with a tangible goal. Write it all down!

2. Make sure that you are passionate enough about your goal so that you are willing to put in enough sacrifices and make enough compromises to achieving it.

3. Be ambitious in creating your goal, so that it is high enough to motivate you and inspire you to take action. However, do not be too ambitious as failure may easily set you back


Q: I want more out of life, but I’m stuck in quicksand. What do I do?

 You need to know what is holding you back. Find the deep-rooted problem. Be brutally honest with yourself and admit the reason for your failures and setbacks. It’s the only way to avoid making the same mistakes over again. You also have to learn to be patient in life. Granted, you want to break free and aim for bigger and better things, but it takes time. What’s most important is that you have a plan and that you keep working this plan a little everyday until you reach your goal.


Q: I’m stuck! Any advice on how I can achieve the goal I set out for myself?

 1. Tell others about what you intend to do. Making others aware of your goal will force upon you even more urgency to complete it.

2. Take a few minutes for positive visualization of how terrific you are going to feel when you actually complete your goal.

3. Make sure you take at least one step each day towards achieving your goal.

4. Write down each step you take in order to achieve your goal. Make this your checklist and a tangible way to track your progress.


Q: How can I work towards being a better person?

1. Have an open and curious mind. Ask a million questions (like a child would). Rigid beliefs and a closed mind spell doom.

2. Define your values & principles. What do you really want out of life? What’s important? What gives you pleasure? Pain?

3. Be willing to change.

4. Love yourself, respect yourself.

5. Treat others the way you would like to be treated. Your manners will define you wherever you go. Never forget it.



Q: Do I have what it takes to change my life?

 Yes, of course you do! If you want to change something in your life, you have to be so unsatisfied with the way things stand now, that you are finally ready to take action. Wanting something is not enough, you must want it so bad that you are willing to make some major decisions and take some drastic steps to change your life. Have a specific target or goal to aim for. If you do not, you will only end up wandering around aimlessly without having made any progress at all. Fix a target, make a plan and go for it!


Q: Life is speeding by so fast. How can I find some peace and happiness along the way?

Enjoy Every Moment. Learn from the past and plan for the future – but live in the present! Find your sense of purpose. Discover a passion that’s close to your heart, then learn how and where you can make a difference in your life and the lives of others. Follow a Goal. The only difference between your ordinary life and an extraordinary one is the effort that is made in having a goal and working towards it. Start now!


From my kind-hearted, I would like to dedicate to this article to everybody who are fight themselves to make a CHANGE in life. Please do not wait and STOP over thinking to what you want to do. Start Action today, Get answer today. Make your life today without the word “regret”.

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